Grout Ties


Wall Repairs

Thor Helical Standard Details TRF-01 & 01/S; TRF-02 & 02/S; TCS-07/; TLR-09/S; TRW-01/S

Grout Ties as the name suggests are similar to wall tie but are grouted into a pre-drilled clearance hole using a non-shrink cementitious grout to hold the tie in place. This type of tie is particularly useful for repairing walls constructed of natural materials such as stone, flint and clunch. Walls are often constructed of two skins in filled with a random rubble and lime mortar mix that commonly delaminate due to age, water ingress, structural movement or poor construction. Grout Ties can be used to re-connect such delamination problems in isolation, or as part of a repair strategy on heavily voided structures such as flint walls where a lime or cementitious grout is introduced into voids along with ties at nominal centres to reintroduce structural integrity.

Similarly, longer Grout Ties can be utilized for repairing cracks to corner details and re-connecting internal partition walls. This technique can also be applied in similar manner to the repair of cracked Cob and clay Lump walls. Grout Ties can be used in isolation or accompanied by a range of Thor Helical methodologies to restore structural integrity to a building.

As an approved specifier and installer of the Thor Helical products we can offer an insurance backed 10 year warranty on Grout Tie works for a small additional fee through Construction Guarantee Services Limited.

Brick Arch Repairs

Thor Helical Standard Details TMA-01, 02, 04, 06 & 08

Another effective application of Grout Ties is in the strengthening and repair of arches that suffer from deterioration caused by combination of age, weathering and traffic loads that were never envisaged at the time of construction. Common problems with this type of construction include delamination of brick rings, debonding brickwork and soffit cracking. A combination of Grout Ties, circumferential beaming and crack stitching can be specified to repair and return structural integrity to this type of structure, along with brick replacement if necessary.





Brick Arch Repair on a Domestic Property

Early 20th Century Edwardian property that had sufferd from drainage leakage adjacent to the gable end resulting in reduction of support  for house foundations and ultimately movement of the structure creating cracts and failure of the arch


Arch before repair works are carried out showing cracked bricks with earlier inappropriate and ineffective cement repointing repairs clearly visible.

Grout Ties installed through arch to pin failed bricks back into position and Masonry Beam installed in brickwork panel above to support and tie brickwork back together.

Brick arch required temporary proping to wedge bricks back into as near as possible original position to give Thor Helical repairs time to cure and provide support.

Completed repair with a more sympathetic lime repoint in place. Most cracked bricks were replaced at the request of the customer with bricks supplied by them.



Grout Ties

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