Lateral Wall Restraint Ties


Thor Helical Standard Details TRB-01 to 09

Lateral Restraint Ties are specifically designed to be driven into roof, ceiling and floor timbers through bowing walls allowing them to be connected to internal timber members. Lateral restraints can be used in isolation or accompanied by a range of Thor Helical methodologies to restore structural stability to a building. They are also a more structurally efficient alternative to traditional Pattress Plate and Tie Bar arrangements in that they spread stress inducing loads over a much wider area, thus reducing point loading stresses often associated with such fixings.


A series of photographs illustrating the installation of Lateral Restraint Ties into ceiling rafters / roof joist timbers at nominal 600mm centres between chimney breasts on a flint wall. This type of restraint provides a better solution to lateral wall restraint than the traditional Pattress Plate and strap configuration that introduce a point loading where applied to a wall. The ties are also hidden from view when holes are repointed externally.  


LRT driven into joist end and grouted into the outer skin of a delaminating 225mm thick solid wall to provide lateral restraint in conjunction with a two cord Masonry Beam to prevent further outward movement of the wall.

Photo of LRT locations driven into the end of each first floor joist within the bay window. Cracked or damaged bricks will be repaired or replacedwith resin coloured to match the existing building masonry.


View looking down on floor joists showing Lateral Restraint Ties (LRT's) driven through external wall into sides of joists

As can be seen from this picture not the most consistent of joist spacing but not a problem for the LRT's as 4 joists have been picked rather than the usual 2

For a small additional fee we can offer as an approved specifier and installer of the Thor Helical products a insurance backed 10 year warranty on Lateral Restraint works through Construction Guarantee Services Limited.


Lateral Wall Restraint Ties

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