Masonry Beams

Thor Helical Standard Detail TLB-01 to 05


Load bearing beams can be formed in masonry to evenly distribute structural loads by installing one, or preferably two cords of helical bar 6-12 brick courses apart to effectively support the load triangle of brickwork above an opening.

Installation of a beam has the combined effect of distributing loads and strengthening masonry weakened by structural movement, thus providing a versatile means of restoring structural stability to masonry where it has cracked or failed and lost its load bearing capacity.

These are generally double bar installations incorporated into mortar bed joints to traverse cracks and dissipate stresses within masonry over a larger surface area whilst still allowing small movements of the structure due to natural temperature variations.

Beams can be used in isolation or accompanied by a range of Thor Helical methodologies to restore stability to a structure resulting from inadequate or failed drainage, inappropriate or failed foundations, ground movement, weathering, poor building practice and increased loading stress due to building alterations.


Repair of a 'bowing' bay window to an early C20 Edwardian property using a combination of Masonry Beams, Lateral Restraint Ties, crack repair and brick replacement.

Movement of the bay window masonry has been caused by a combination of old age, minimal lateral restraint of wall when originally built, a large opening to masonry ratio and some lateral movement to the side of the building created by drainage problems.


Completed Repair


 The photographs below illustrate an example of beam installation over an opening to support masonry above to allow replacement of a faulty lintel installed as part of the structure when originally built.


Masonry Beam

Load bearing beam installed 4 courses above a window opening prior to removal of brickwork below using Thor Masonry Beam to support brickwork above

Brick Support

Brickwork above window removed to expose existing failed plate lintel and to allow installation of new 'L' shaped lintel

Lintel Replacement

New lintel in place and brickwork being rebuilt to a higher standard than the original


As an approved specifier and installer of the Thor Helical products we can offer an insurance backed 10 year warranty on Masonry Beam works for a small additional fee through Construction Guarantee Services Limited.


Masonry Beams

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