Masonry Crack Stitching


Thor Helical Standard Details TCS-01 to 08

Crack Stitching can be used in isolation or accompanied by a range of Thor Helical methodologies to restore structural stability to a building. These are single bar installations that are generally incorporated into mortar bed joints to traverse cracks and dissipate stresses within masonry over a larger surface area whilst still allowing small movements of the structure due to natural temperature variations. Crack Stitching may also be tied through masonry to reinstate failed corner details, or incorporated into slip ties to provide structural connections across movement joints.


The photographs illustrate an example of a before and after Crack Stitch installation used in isolation to return structural integrity to a crack brick wall.


Crack StitchingCrack Stitch repair held in place with cementitious grout prior to repointing.

Crack StitchingCrack Stitch repair after mortar repointing. Colour will fade upon drying to match existing fabric of the building.


From an environmental, economic and aesthetic perspective the Thor Helical system is quick to install, thus reducing on site time; minimizes waste by retaining large sections of a building that would have traditionally been replaced, and retains the original fabric of a building where masonry may be difficult to match.

As an approved specifier and installer of the Thor Helical products we can offer an insurance backed 10 year warranty on Crack Stitching works for a small additional fee through Construction Guarantee Services Limited


Masonry Crack Stitching

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