We are aware that Home owners, Local Authorities and contractors or professionals responsible for property portfolios, gain significant confidence when structural repair systems are available with Warranty. We are confident that our work is carried out to a very high standard and should far exceed any warranty period.

Should you wish to take out a warranty, as a Thor Helical Remedial approved specialist contractor we are able to offer an insured guarantee period of 10 years for repair strategies utilizing their systems.

Please note that warranties only apply to Thor Helical structural repair works and not general building works, and will only offer limited protection against any claim that may arise.

Should you wish to extend your statutory rights we can offer an insured guarantee through CGS Ltd for a 6% premium subject to £100 minimum plus VAT at the standard current rate on Thor Helical installations as outlined above. This fee is applied to cover the cost of CGS providing an insurance policy for the specified period and the contractor’s administration time in producing pre-requisite structural repair information.

The insurance premium is also subject to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) levied by central government at at the rate of 6%.

CGS Ltd Certificate



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